Slice Dimple Pop Chair Upholstered

Slice Dimple Pop Chair Upholstered


Slice Dimple Pop Chair

Made to Order in a variety of fabrics and colors

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The Dimple Pop chair is a very elegant and modern option, and manages to combine high quality, and functionality, with a unique design. The Pop is upholstered entirely by hand, with attention to details. The Pop shell is padded with a resistant and high resilient foam. Upholstery options: eco-leather, wool flannel fabric, fabric and Italian leather. Easy to remove cover. The lining is Simple, classy look with a strong personality. Pop suits all tastes and all kinds of environments, resistant to high traffic use.

Smooth as glass, the Slice base is the perfect example of a design that combines functionality and a graceful silhouette. With its minimalistic design Slice allows its materials to do the talking: the inserts, which have all the warmth of wood, slide on the metal frame of the legs, and are connected via the magnets placed in the feet, which can be removed and repainted. Slice is a light and elegant base, perfect in its simplicity.

Slice Dimple Pop is a functional, durable and versatile product, that adapts to any environment, giving it attitude and style.